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Mercedes "Hugi" Segesvary is a creative writer in theatre, film, TV and prose, as well as a fine art illustrator. Her writings have been produced on stages around the world and her illustrations have had showings in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She received an MFA in dramatic writing in 2018 and has since been working on scripts and stories for book, screen and live production.

Experience & Background

Other Works by Mercedes

Mercedes "Hugi" Segesvary loves to illustrate and create stories. She has a collection of work dating back to 2008 that she would love to show you. If you're interested in learning more about her work, purchasing an original, commissioning a story book for your inner child, following her live productions or if you like to send her a note about how much you love her work please click here:

Get Your Own 99 Cent Story

Do you love the 99 cent stories? Want to see yourself inside one those stories? We can do that. Seriously, we can write and illustrate you into a short story. You pick your character and adventure, we'll create you a story. Send us a message:

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