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The 99¢ Crew

Building Inspiration into Every Turn of the Page

We are a collection of voices and characters

who have one thing in common:

Create the best stories!

The 99 cent crew, Mercedes segesvary, Hugi, the 99 cent stories,, Mercedes Segesvary, Hugi The Great

Our Story

The 99¢ stories started in Mercedes Segesvary's head then later moved into her daily life and eventually spilled over into her every waking moment. She met Hugi on a cloudy day in her imagination and the two decided it would be really fun to get these stories and drawings out of their heads and into the real world.


AS the ideas grew so did the need for a solid crew who could help construct, deconstruct, engineer, research, edit, and market all the stories and drawings. We searched far and wide for these voices to chime in and since our Intern was super over worked and highly underpaid, well, we broke down and hired some fabulous talent.


Meet The Team

Our Clients

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HTG Productions
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